About me and my cosmic walk-in experience

About me

 I was born into a photography dynasty and my birth announcement read “A New Photographer Is Born!”. So this was my first professional skill that I picked up when I was given a middle-format camera for my 5th birthday.

But I am also passionate about creating websites, soulpurpose-aligned biz branding and branded photography as well as creating WordPress themes with Divi.

My training as a career coach in combination with my spiritual trainings enables me to develop my own way of a soulpurpose aligned career and biz coaching.

My cosmic walk-in experience

I am a blueprint changer, starseed from Hadar whose soul has spend also times on the Pleiades, Arcturus and many other places.

I am consciously in the ascension process since the Harmonic Convergence, August 16th to 17th in 1987.

One of my big passions are stargate ceremonies which I lead since 1993 regularly on solstices and equinoxes and other energetically potent days. They enable you to download frequencies and light codes that will support you in your daily challenges and ease the anchoring of your higher dimensional selves as well as the general ascension process.

In the past fourteen years I’ve experienced the process of becoming a cosmic human through anchoring several higher dimensional selves in my physical body.

This process is called by some people “cosmic walk-in” or “re-incarnation in the same body” or “higher self embodiment”. To me it is just the natural ascension process which is becoming a cosmic human living on Earth.